March 2010 – PHFN attends the 26th Annual Scientific Conference of the Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria (APHPN)

The Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria (APHPN) which is the professional association of all specialist doctors in the field of Public Health in Nigeria held its 26th Annual Scientific Conference and General Meeting (EKO 2010) in Lagos March 24- 26, 2010 with the theme: 50 years of independence – state of Nigerian Health System.

Having being in existence for the past 25 years,

Its objectives are:

  • To prevent diseases and promote the health of the Nigerian public
  • To maintain best practice in the field of Public

HealthWide ranging papers were presented at the conference around the sub-themes of:

  • Health system management development
  • Health services management
  • Emergency preparedness and response

Dr. Aruna met with the national executive members of the APHPN to progress prior discussions on collaborative efforts between both organisations.

Recommendations for the conference were:

  • There should be an improved capacity for health care management and coordination at all levels – community, LGA, State and National. So as to improve resource mobilisation and utilisation, minimise wastage and promote efficient utilisation of health resources
  • Government at all levels should increase funding for health care services to address the issue of chronic underfunding of health care services in order to improve quality of care and guarantee sustainability of health programmes, an issue the Association believes should be addressed in the proposed national health bill.
  • Evolve mechanisms for strengthening of operational and applied research activities at all levels by all stakeholders – researchers, managers and funders, through advocacy, resource mobilisation and capacity building.
  • Centres and States like LUTH and Lagos State respectively where health reforms are visible and effective should be replicated across the nation

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