Public Health Foundation Of Nigeria

The mission of the Nigerian Public Health Foundation Nigeria (PHFN) is to improve the health of the Nigerian people. With this mission, PHFN aims to influence public policy formulation for health and increase capacity in the Nigerian public health system. To fulfil its mission, PHFN pursues the following strategic objectives:
  • Advocate evidence-based public policy for health
  • Build professional, organisational and system capacity for public health
  • Create and sustain peer support for Nigerian public health professionals
  • To re-energise the Nigerian health community in the disapora to re-engage with the health sector in Nigeria
  • To create a forum where Nigerian health professionals working in the diaspora and partners working on health issues in Nigeria can share ideas and opportunities
  • To meet to explore opportunities of working together on projects that will influence the health of Nigerians

Working to improve the health of Nigerians

Profile for Ayo Oyinloye


I am a 1999 medical graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. He has Masters of Science Degree in Epidemiology from the same University in 2002. He also has a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Liverpool and he is a member of the Faculty of Public Health.


I work as a consultant with Swindon Borough Council with responsibility for Health Protection; Emergency Planning Resilience and Response; Sexual Health and training of Public Health specialty trainees and Foundation Year 2 doctors in public health. I am interested in Infection Prevention and Control in occupational settings especially in care and nursing homes. I am also interested in developing effective look back exercises for blood borne viruses. I have worked on developing commissioning orthopaedic services and in decommissioning ineffective services. I am interested in individual access to non-routinely commissioned services.


As a founding member of the Public Health Foundation of Nigeria, I have a keen interest in delivering effective prevention services in Nigeria. I to increase access to prevention services and health care in Nigeria.


Our Mission

Bridging The Gap

To create a forum where Nigerian professionals working in health roles in the UK and partners working on health...

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Re-Energise Nigerian Health..

Re-energise Nigerian health community in the Diaspora to re-engage with the health sector in Nigeria

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Identify and publicise

the role of links, partnerships and research collaborations in improving the health of Nigerians

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